Couples Counseling

Even if you are successful at accomplishing things in other areas, you may be having difficulties with certain areas of your relationship. Couples often put off counseling* until it feels things have gotten "out of hand" or until frustration and worry increases. Even if things are not at that point, if you are concerned about something and cannot talk about it, speaking with an experienced professional often helps.

Whether you are seeking to improve an already good relationship, or if something specific has occurred, such as an affair, you may feel something important is missing. You may be fighting more or getting more distant and you'd like help restoring the good parts of your relationship. It's usually a relief to sit down and speak with a trained professional.

I'm happy to speak with you on the phone to help determine if my services might be the right fit for you. If you call and I don't answer please leave a message on my confidential voice mail and I'll call back as soon as I can.

Frequent areas couples seek help with:

- Sexual intimacy
- Communication
- Infidelity
- Pressure to marry
- Difficulty talking about feelings
- Money Management
- Appreciation and support
- Jealousy
- Monogamy
- Anger
- Parenting Issues
- Frustration with your partner

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