Teleconferencing is available for Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling, LGBT, Adult Asperger's, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and also for Professional Clinical Supervision.

During non-Covid times I see patients in both New York City and Cambridge, MA. In Cambridge my office is four blocks from Harvard Square and two blocks from Lesley University. In New York City my office is at 74th and CPW. Until further notice all appointments are on Telemedicine platforms. I have 35 years of experience doing therapy with individuals and couples, specializing in Relational and Solution Based Therapy. Infidelity and Autusm (formally Asperger's syndrome) are among my specializations. I teach professionals in training institutes in Boston and New York City.

Using an interactive approach I offer feedback about where you, or your relationship could benefit from change. Therapy is a place where someone can listen and recognize what you've been dealing with. It's also a place to learn to do the necessary work for managing challenges that go along with change. My approach aims to create a relaxed working space to focus on three areas of work: helping individuals and couples feel better and learn coping tools for painful situations; understanding why certain difficulties keep repeating, despite successes in other areas; going beyond insight to learn to make effective changes that improve your life and relationship. I work with a diverse group of people from wide ranging academic, and professional fields throughout the New York City and Boston areas.

If you have any questions, please call to discuss whether making an appointment seems appropriate for you. Regardless of what types of therapy you have tried before, or how long you have waited to begin therapy, it's my belief that change can occur at any stage in our lives, careers or relationships.

Bio: Holly Levenkron, LICSW, LCSW, received her advanced training in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in NYC where she is a faculty member and supervisor and Director of the Psychoanalytic Training Program. Among other subjects, she had been teaching contemporary theory for over 25 years in NYC and since 2004 at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis as well. She has published in Psychoanalytic Inquiry and Contemporary Psychoanalysis and has presented at numerous conferences and venues both nationally and internationally. She maintains a private practice in New York City and Cambridge, MA.

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