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Teleconference is becoming a popular  and functional way to obtain good therapeutic services when a clinician you wish to work with is not located near you. It has a lot in common with face to face therapy and while not the same, it has proven to be very personal and effective. As with face-to-face visits onlive sessions involve talking to someone about things you would like to see change in yourself and in your life and though not in-person, many people find the experience very helpful. 

In my  on-line work  I use Zoom which is a HIPPA compliant internet platform. It's very simple and just requires an invitation from me to join me in a Zoom session. I offer one 30 minute free consultation online to discuss  working together - online.

Typical questions you may be asking yourself when seeking in-person or online therapy:

Are my impediments a result of bad habits?
Do I need tools and information to improve in important areas?
Do I need better communication skills?
Are my difficulties with accomplishing my goals emotionally or cognitively based?
Do I need assertiveness training?
Is my problem that I lack confidence?
Do I have difficulty asking for what I want?

I bring over 30 years of experience to my work as a therapist, and postitive life advocate. When things seem insurmountable and we feel hopeless, it's a good time to seek help to get over hurdles and learn emotional skills to lead a more satisfying  life.