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Marriage Counseling: Cambridge Couples Works


      Marital counseling is very similar to Couples Counseling but since not all couples
              have chosen to marry, there may be many issues which are different. 


Here are some questions I hear when couples are specifically seeking marital counseling:

Did I do this too soon?

Should we get married or remain living together?

What does marriage mean when my spouse has had an affair?

Now that we're married it feels like you don't understand me.

How can I trust that my spouse will be monogomous?

Do I want to share my finances with my spouse?

How can we have a better sex life after many years of marriage?

Do I want control over my time and friends?  

Is it the right time to start a family. 

How can we work on different parenting styles?


 I'd be glad to speak with you on the phone, separately, or together, for a short
consultation to determine if making an appointment seems like the right thing to do.
 *See my blog page on choosing a couple's counselor.