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Important Tools To Improve Communication

Important Tools To Improve Communication:

Negotiation,Compromise, Patience, Effort, Hope
January 28, 2016
The word negotiation is often connected with business and money and in making deals. However, negotiation is something we have to learn to do with our partners. We have to learn to give and take. We cannot solve problems if one of us has to win. So how can we work things out so both of us can be somewhat satisfied? This is a tool that is often left out when we think of communication skills.

Compromise is also a word we use in making deals. But getting what we want in a relationship almost always involves some compromise. It makes sense to think we can’t possibly be 100% right or entitled to have something exactly as we want it.

Getting better at negotiating relational impasses takes patience and effort. Things can appear to change quickly but we need reminders and this takes patience. As you no doubt have experienced, people can be stubborn. We may say we want to change but it we don’t always want to give up our positions. We tend to hold onto habits even if they offend our partners, ignoring the seriousness of a request until it “hits us over the head”.

And lastly hope. Without some hope we can’t do a good job at all of this. Hope gets crushed when we fight, when affairs happen and when we are fighting off depression from life’s difficulties. Sometimes we have to learn to be a supportive and encouraging partner to help restore hope in our relationships.

These are strong tools that may have to be learned. At first these points may seem like “just words” but building a friendship within a loving relationship is not as easy as it sounds. Counseling may help you learn new tools for better communication.

Holly Levenkron, 617-354-5816