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Important Tools To Improve Communication:

Negotiation,Compromise, Patience, Effort, Hope
January 28, 2016
The word negotiation is often connected with business and money and in making deals. However, negotiation is something we have to learn to do with our partners. We have to learn to give and take. We cannot solve problems if one of us has to win. So how can we work things out so both of us can be somewhat satisfied? This is a tool that is often left out when we think of communication skills.
Not All Couple Counselors are Experienced in Treating Asperger’s
December 26, 2015
While labels are ofter not helpful when couples make the decision to seek counseling, if someone is worrying whether or not a partner has Asperger’s Syndrome, it is usually very helpful to consult with someone who really understands this term. Not all Couple’s Counselors are experienced in treating and diagnosing Asperger’s.

The presence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a couple can open the door for several unwanted challenges to a relationship.
Things to Consider When Considering Couples Counseling
September 19, 2015
Whether you choose a verbal commitment, or marraige, when two people agree to build a life together. We are all aware that many couples encounter tumultous times in their relationships. For some couples, not everyone manages to stay true to their commitments.

I can't stress enough that difficult times do not necessarily mean the relationship is heading for a crash. It’s natural for people to start seeing each other’s flaws more clearly after they have spent a lot of time together. Learning more about who our partners really are, can be joyful though sometimes we can experience disappointments mixed in as well. But the disappointments do not have to mean your relationship can't work or heal. If you feel counseling may help get your relationship back on track there are a few things you should know.
Let's Talk About Defensive Maneuvers Couples Use
September 11, 2015

When couples come in for a counseltation, I often hear how often they get stuck in negative spirals of accusation and hurt feelings. Couples often are surprised when I ask, "Why didn't you begin by asking for what you want, instead of accusing your partner of not giving it to you"?

So often we get stuck in negative cycles. We are unhappy with something our partner does. We get hurt too easily, and we retaliate by creating an exit plan in our minds.